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  • Autumn’s beautiful and changing landscapes always remind me that color can be truly captivating. We can take inspiration from Mother Nature when looking in the mirror for our daily beauty ritual. The long summer days and sunshine may be gone, but a sun-kissed natural glow can live on. I discovered that a bronzer can provide […]

  • Breakouts can happen at any age. Keeping blemish free without damaging your skin can be a challenge. Topical treatments can be harsh and dry out skin offering no real relief or remedy. Flaky patches and redness are the result. Now there are options. CosMedix combines the finest plant-based ingredients with Nobel prize-winning chemistry to create a line […]


    September 26th, 2015

    HAD ENOUGH OF “STAYCATIONS”? Travel is a great way to see who you really are without the familiar routines of home and work. With wheels and a cooler you’ll be ready for your road trip. Well, almost. YOUR FIVE POINT PLAN: #1 time plus comfort level divided by money equals itinerary #2 what you think […]

  • Sometimes women just need a short getaway — a weekend of bliss and relaxation, perhaps close to home or perhaps as a layover from another trip. In the Fort Lauderdale/Miami area of Florida, the clear choice is the Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa. I was coming in with a girlfriend from a long overseas journey […]

  • The best way I can describe Bergen, Norway is simply, magical. Coming in on the ferry just after sunset, the Old Town sparkled over the water, its colorful buildings with the boats bobbing in front of them mesmerizing. I fell in love with the city before I ever set foot on the dock. There is […]

  • I arrived in Stockholm as a first-timer to Scandinavia. I expected to find a sophisticated, beautiful, artistic and fit city — and that I did, personified in the Story Hotel at Riddargatan. It’s on the cutting edge of modern, from the online self check-in (there is always a staff member around for any assistance) to […]

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