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  • When I feel caged from the chaos and noise of city life, I seek open spaces to clear my mind and rejuvenate my spirit. Lucky for me, I don’t always have to travel to distant continents to get my fix. The Western United States is home to many iconic open spaces that offer refuge to […]

  • by Janet Bein, Young at Heart Diva JoAnna Byng and Tawney Lee Hunt are two athletic and musical divas that I was lucky to meet on my recent visit to the delightfully mellow but lively Hawaiian island of Maui. I thoroughly enjoyed taking their fitness classes and was intrigued to discover that they both were […]

  • Five Day Travel Cure

    November 10th, 2015
    Five Day Travel Cure

    SHAKE IT UP: Staycations are so last year. There are tons of unique travel opportunities offering quality time with yourself or your BFFs. TIME + WISH-LIST ÷ MONEY = LOCATION: Globaladventure.us assembles small classes for people who would prefer creative learning in a Mexican hacienda instead of the local YMCA. (Not that there’s anything wrong […]

  • Giddy Up Gals! South Dakota, our beloved 40th State, invites you to saddle up your bags and take a trip to explore the Great 8! Get ready for a unique travel adventure where history, nature and culture intersect to represent the best of the American West. The Great 8 are the iconic places that have […]


    September 26th, 2015

    HAD ENOUGH OF “STAYCATIONS”? Travel is a great way to see who you really are without the familiar routines of home and work. With wheels and a cooler you’ll be ready for your road trip. Well, almost. YOUR FIVE POINT PLAN: #1 time plus comfort level divided by money equals itinerary #2 what you think […]

  • Sometimes women just need a short getaway — a weekend of bliss and relaxation, perhaps close to home or perhaps as a layover from another trip. In the Fort Lauderdale/Miami area of Florida, the clear choice is the Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa. I was coming in with a girlfriend from a long overseas journey […]

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